What is the best supplements for weight gain?

best supplements for weight gain

In today’s time many people want to gain weight and the main reason for this is that they want to look muscular and fit. He wants him to look attractive, so that the society and the people around him will recognize him. To gain weight, we should focus that we should gain muscle and not gain fat. Food and exercise are very important to gain muscle, best supplements for weight gain are equally important for muscle gain. Supplements provide us with calories and protein that help or allow us to exercise harder.

Here are some supplements that will help you grow your own muscles –

Protein :-

We all know that protein is the most important thing to gain muscle. In many studies, it has been found that people who add the consumption of protein supplements along with exercise to their diet, their muscle is gained more and much faster. The Institute of Medicine has suggested that 10–35%  of calories in our body come from protein.
Many scientists believe that if we take 0.6 – 0.9 grams of protein per pound of our entire body weight, then our muscle growth will happen very quickly. If we are getting such amount of protein in our body from our diet or food then there is no need for us to take protein supplement.


Of all the best supplements for weight gain out there, most research has been done on Creatine. Creatine is a molecule found in some of our cells as well as in some foods. When we take creatine supplement, it increases our muscles more than its normal level.
Creatine has many special functions in our body, the main function of all those functions is to increase energy immediately.
It has been said by the researchers that creatine supplementation helps us in improving our exercise performance as well as it also helps in our muscle gain over a period of time. Everyone has been recommended by researchers that we should consume creatine supplement daily at about 20 grams a day.
There are many other creatine supplements available in the market, but the best and on which all this research has been done is Creatine monohydrate supplement, we should consume this best supplements for weight gain.

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Weight Gainers :-

For the normal function of the body, we have to consume many more calories than the calories we consume for weight gain. Weight Gainer is a high calorie supplement which is for those people who are having problems in gaining weight, they can easily gain weight by using Weight Gainer.
Weight gainer is one of a kind in which a lot of carbohydrates and high amount of protein are found. By adding weight gainers to your diet, it adds up to the number of our gallery. Weight gainer is most important and necessary for them, the person who is not able to fulfill the calories in his body through food, he can easily gain weight by using weight gainer best supplements for weight gain.

best supplements for weight gain, you can try it

Exercise – Increase Supplements :-

Many types of supplements are found and all the supplements have the same function, they help us to do hard exercise, so that our muscle gain happens in a very short time. Some supplements in the same list are-

A. Caffeine

Caffeine is a highly consumed species all over the world. Gym people or people with physical fitness use it before exercising so that their ability to exercise can be improved. By using caffeine, we get stamina during exercise time, due to which we do more exercise and due to this our muscle gain becomes excellent very quickly and in less time.

B. Citrulline

Citrulline is a type of acid that we call an amino acid, it is produced in our body and is also found in some food. Its most important function is to accelerate the flow of blood in the body tissues. This function helps us and allows us to use the whole body at the time of exercise so that we can gain muscle in a very short time.

C. Beta – Alanine –

Beta-alanine is also a type of amino acid that is made in our body. Its main function is that it helps us during exercise that our muscles do not get tired so that we can do more exercise, so that our muscle gain increases in some time.


HMB stands for Beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate. This molecule is produced when our body breaks down the amino acid leucine. This molecule helps us recover when we do intense exercise and it reduces the breakdown of our muscle proteins. HMB supplement improves our muscle recovery and our muscle gain(best supplements for weight gain).


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