Firing at metro station in New York, accused’s appearance continues, 16 injured

New York,Firing at metro station

Several people were shot in New York on Tuesday morning, this incident happened at the Brooklyn subway station, according to reporters, many people were injured in this incident,
A spokesman for the New York City Fire Department said several people had been shot at the scene.

According to the reporters of The New York Times, a total of 5 people have been shot. Police say that after the incident, there was a prayer at the station for a long time. Police is looking for the accused, according to preliminary investigation, it is being told that the person who fired the shots had come to the metro station in the clothes of construction workers, he was also wearing a gas mask. The search is on for the accused through the CCTV cameras installed at the metro station, whether it is a terrorist incident or some other conspiracy, it is not clear yet.

Firing at metro station in New Yourk
Brooklyn attack: A photo from the scene showed people tending to injured passengers

In this incident 13 people have been said to be injured, who have been admitted to the hospital, after the incident, the security of this place has been greatly increased and the metro service has also been stopped in the entire disconnection city, this attack happened at 8:00 am US time. was carried out. This was the time when many people travel in the metro and at this time the station is very crowded. It is not clear how many accused were involved in this attack.

So far the police have not found any explosive material at the spot. The police appealed to the people that if any person finds anything suspicious, the police should be contacted immediately.

According to preliminary investigation, it is being told that the attackers first prayed in the metro station and then started firing. In such a situation, no passenger got a chance to escape and there was a scream on the spot.

Immediately after the incident, the Governor of New York issued the first statement, saying on his behalf that we are working with the police and the investigation has started immediately, we will find the accused as soon as possible


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